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"You only frame something once so frame it well."
General Ideas for Framing:

"Framing should be simple, elegant, and timeless.  In my opinion moldings should be wood and never metal.  I suggest you choose a simple gold wood frame (not gold leaf) and regular glass for posters, matted prints, and framed calendar pages.  Family drawings and limited editions like BROCADE and CHINTZ should always be under one-sided non-glare as opposed to the old cloudy and distorted regular non-glare glass.   If you use mats, always double mat artwork, and if you want colored mats, keep the color on the small 1/4 to 1/2 inch inner mat with a wide 4 inch soft white top mat.   This helps to focus on the art.  As a rule you will spend much more on framing than on your print or poster, but in my opinion that is the price you pay to have it done well."

Matted Prints:
Your framer can help you select a very simple, small, and inexpensive wood molding.  Use  regular glass or one sided non glare glass. 

Calendar Pages:
Double mat these images using 1/4 inch gold foil inner mat and 4 inch soft white top mat and a gold wood frame with regular glass.

Limited Editions:
The framing for these special prints is more expensive because they require two over sized acid-free mats and one-sided non-glare glass.  I suggest you deviate from the norm and make your inner mat 1/2 inch wide in gold foil or soft white and make the top mat 4 inches soft white.  My preference on limited editions is the two soft white mats. Elegant!

When you have a poster inscribed by the artist it is nice to leave the name and the border on the image and not use mats.  Choose an inch wide simple gold wood frame and regular glass or one sided non glare glass.

Liberty Collector Plates:
These look fine on a plate stand in a cabinet but they are much more impressive if you order a wood and glass hexagon frame for the wall from your local frame shop.

Call 800-663-3838 or email if you have any questions.


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