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Children of all ages are favorite audiences of mine, and for that reason I make myself available for school assemblies wherever I travel. I present programs titled "Endless Possibilities", and encourage kids to think about themselves, their futures, and their wildest dreams. By telling stories about adults with different lifestyles and careers, the children relate and together we compose lists of things we all have to look forward to.

Working together with teachers interested in carrying these enabling ideas into their classrooms to weave into various lessons, makes the time we all spend together that much more productive.

One elementary school in New Jersey chose to use me as their art project, representing living artists. Vincent Van Gough was the dead artist. (I was in good company!) They studied our backgrounds which became geography projects as they then learned about Holland and New Mexico. They studied the history of those places and the subjects we painted which became science projects, growing tulips. Those young students spent the greater part of a semester in this connected fashion, decorated the school with their art, and then I presented a program for the children and their parents at an evening school party!

I do these programs for children from pre-school to college students. If you are interested in having in having me at your child's school, please contact me through my office, 210-281-1670. I do not charge for these programs except for travel expenses. It is really my pleasure.

Fourth Grader's Art Work Inspired By Sara Eyestone


Make Your Own Sara Eyestone Masterpiece

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Dear Sara Eyestone,

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my daughter feel so very special indeed!  You might not remember me, but I called your studio back in January to order some Caspari note cards for my daughter's school project, and had the pleasure of talking to you in person.

I had told you that my daughter, a budding artist herself, had chosen you as her subject to write a report on and copy one of your paintings.  I enjoyed our conversation and told her all about it that afternoon.  She thought that it was amazing that I actually talked to Sara Eyestone herself!

You cannot imagine her absolute delight (and mine, too) when a bright pink tube arrived in the mail a few days after with a personalized poster of your beautiful "I'll love you until the cows come home" painting.  Her excitement was unmatched as she carefully held the poster and read your message to her.  She loves animals too, so this was very dear to her.

I'm sure as a mother yourself you know how very touching it is when someone, especially someone held in such high esteem, takes the time to make your child feel special.  And you did just that!  Your gesture of kindness will be my daughter's cherished memory for a lifetime.

You also sent her the note cards with some advice on how to layer colors to achieve a realistic and interesting look.  She took your advice and had fun too.  I have enclosed a picture of Meghan next to her painting so you can see how she followed your advice.  We wish you all the best and want you to know that your beautiful art truly reflects your beautiful personality.

God Bless You,

Lee and Meghan S.






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