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Learn more about Sara Eyestone by browsing through a biography and professional time line, bibliography and selected press articles, press images, and media releases.

Born December 12, 1943


2003 Deep in the Heart of Texas, Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport, TX
1995 Sara Eyestone’s Fond Farewell, Moonstruck, Ocean Grove, NJ
1993 Paradise in the Window, Susan Duval Gallery, Aspen, CO
1986 Gorgeous, C. G. Rein Gallery, Houston, Texas
1986 Sara Eyestone Retrospective: American Garden Collection, New Jersey State Museum
        Gallery, Trenton, NJ
1984 Sara Eyestone’s Southwestern Collection, C. G. Rein Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ
1983 Sara Eyestone’s Tropical Paintings, Surroundings Worth Avenue Gallery, Palm 
        Beach, FL
1982 New York Blooms, Surroundings Soho Gallery, NYC
1982 My New Mexico, Cornwall’s Gallery, White Rock, New Mexico
1982 Blossoms in Bloomies, Bloomingdale’s Gallery, NYC
1977 Gorgeous Blossoms, Lord & Taylor Gallery, Houston, TX
1977 These Are the Colors I Dream In, Lord & Taylor Gallery, Dallas, TX
1977 New York! New York, Lord & Taylor Gallery, NYC
1974 Sara Eyestone’s Flowers on Witherspoon Street, The Artisan, Princeton, NJ
1974 Colors in Bloom, Newark Museum Gallery, Newark, NJ
1971 This Is My Beginning, Central West End Gallery, St Louis, MO


2006 A Portrait of Cameron, Dr. Carmen Mier
2006 It Was Such A Romantic Affair, Peter and Jennifer Eyestone
2006 Time After Time, Loyd and Bonnie Davis
2006 Music, Music, Music, Zelda Meneses
2006 South America, Robert and Virginia Brown 
2006 Guatemala, Robert and Virginia Brown
2005 New Mexican Cactus, Ann and Steven Greene
2005 Star and Emma, Carolyn Irraigi
2005 Perfect, Linda and Richard Brandow
2005 Santa Fe Bouquet, Jane Shreffler
2005 Hannah, Kara and William Petrus
2005 William, Kara and William Petrus
2005 The Way We Were: Liz Russ in 1946, Liz Russ
2005 Mother and Child, Molly and Robert Thomas
2004 Barnyard Roosters, Karen and Mark Cangiano
2004 Espanola Chickens, Kara and William Petrus
2004 Esperanza, Linda and Robert Kiolbassa
2004 Sentimental Journey, Nancy and William Malloy
2004 White Orchids, Ann Rice
2004 House and Garden Hydrangeas, Maria Hrycenko
2004 The Blue Heron Vase, Joanne and Larry Jasper
2004 New England Rose I, Joanne and Larry Jasper
2004 New England Rose II, Joanne and Larry Jasper
2004 Eternity, Sandra and Andrew D’Angelo
2004 San Antonio Madonna, Dr. Carmen Mier
2003 Under the Tuscan Sun, Alice and Leroy Horpedahl
2003 Bella, Betty H. Lamborn
2003 Once Upon a Time, Barbara and Alvin Schiavetti
2003 Pretty Bird, Laura and Samuel Oncea
2003 Gardenias, Regina Mackowitz
2003 On Quiet Waters, Anita Kraut
2003 Ann Uhr and Cheeta, JoBeth Hill
2003 Suzi Bloom, Henry Bloom
2003 Delicate as a Dream, Liz Russ
2002 Keepsakes, Kay Peterson
2002 Joy, Judy and Paul Noglows
2002 A Passion for Flowers, Dr. Jacqueline and Stephen Ackley
2002 Happily Ever After, Terry Crews
2002 Hydrangeas from Paris, Lydia and Jean Pierre Lair
2002 American Roses, Lydia and Jean Pierre Lair
2002 Autumn Elegance, Francis and Murray Tarkington
2002 Gorgeous, Dr. and Mrs. Brian Torpey
2002 Swan Lake, Dr. and Mrs. Brian Torpey
2002 Pink Jersey Rose, Dr, and Mrs. Brian Torpey
2002 Wild Jersey Rose, Dr. and Mrs. Brian Torpey
2002 White Jersey Rose, Dr. and Mrs. Brian Torpey
2001 Divine Fuchsia, Elizabeth and Irwin Vogel
2001 Beautiful, Elizabeth and Richard Anderson
2001 Chelsea Garden, Joanne and Andrew Readinger
2001 Greetings from San Antonio, Drs. Charles and Virginia Bowden
2001 Martha Stewart’s Peonies, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Donald
2001 Water Dance, Sandra and Fredrick Singer
2001 Chelsea Garden Show, Sandra and Andrew D’Angelo
2001 Grace, Tracy Binkley
2001 Rhododendrons, Lisa and Francis Hayes
2001 Bella Tuscany, Jean Thompson
2001 Roses from Texas, Jean Thompson
2000 Red and Sexy, Colleen and William Hodge
2000 Spring Is In the Air, Walton and Claiborne Gregory
2000 Splendor, Marcia Harris
2000 Wedding Flowers from the Gardens at Princeton, Jacqueline and Mark Brahney
2000 Lipstick Hibiscus, Gloria and Fully Clingman
1999 Heart’s Desire, Gloria and Fully Clingman
1999 Tea in the Afternoon, Carol and William McClusky
1999 Hollyhocks and Iris, Maureen and Robert Oakes
1999 Chintz, Carol Griffith
1999 Petite Lilies, Joanne and Andrew Readinger
1999 Tres Hermanas Poppies, Jane and Thomas Paltrow
1999 On Lavender Waters, Ann Griffith Ash
1998 Roses and Orchids in a Quillan Blue Vase, Catherine Q. Russell
1998 Keepsake Roses I, Doris and Thomas DeLisa
1998 Keepsake Roses II, Doris and Thomas DeLisa
1998 Roses from the Garden of My Patron Saints, Dr. and Mrs. George Cowan
1998 Favorite Things, Jack, Jr. and James Williams
1997 Anniversary Bouquet, Ada McCartney
1997 Dutch Tulips, Dr, and Mrs. Gary Gross
1997 Swan Song, Dr. and Mrs. Alan Cohn
1997 French Chickens, Patricia and Eric Cole
1997 Velvet, BJ and Bumblebee Bob Weil
1997 Blushing Beauties, Mary Chamberlain
1996 Terra Cotta Garden, Judy and Paul Noglows
1996 Little Silver Water Lilies, Laura and Jeffrey Wallach
1996 The Fortune Teller’s Tablecloth, Maxine and Jack Leiner
1996 The Governor’s Garden Angel, Pamela and Michael Berg
1996 Magnolia from the Governor’s Garden, Betsy Ballentine Faught
1996 Portrait of Tish, Patricia Wright
1996 French Roosters, Jane Shreffler
1996 The Good Fortune Vase, Dr. and Mrs. Papanicolaou
1996 Summertime, Patricia and Robert Feeney
1996 Passion, Ann Ash
1996 Brocade, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Donald
1995 Extravaganza, Virginia and John Winston
1995 Moonstruck, Jill and Douglas Widman
1995 Sammy, Antoinette Musorrafiti
1995 A Portrait of Virginia Winston, Virginia and John Winston
1995 Great American Water Lilies, Lindy and Herbert Freedman
1995 Three Little Birds, Angelina and Francesco Musorrafiti
1995 Bella Bella, Angelina and Francesco Musorrafiti
1995 Roses and Peonies from Paris, Kathy and Mark Caplan
1995 Garden Flowers in Limoges, Joan and Robert Lucky
1995 Anniversary Roses, Linda and Kevin Keating
1995 White Rose, Eileen and Anthony Lucarelli
1995 The Garden Gift, Earlene and Eric Klein
1995 Hydrangeas and Limoges, Stanis and Walter Mihm
1995 Hawaiian Fire Orchids, Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Don
1994 Another Day in Paradise, Liz and Harlow Russ
1994 Chelsea Cooper at My Studio, Linda and Richard Cooper
1994 Tea for Two, Virginia and John Pulverenti
1994 Masquerade, Eileen and Chris Dadlez
1994 Honeymoon at the Ritz, Elizabeth and Irwin Vogel
1994 Aloha, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Wetstein
1994 The Enchanted Table, Dr and Mrs. De Fabio
1994 Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Virginia and Leonard Cuozzo
1994 As Time Goes By, Helen and Neil Wilson
1994 Carnival in Paris, Nicole Haydorn and Steven Merlin
1994 Carnival in Venice, Nicole Haydorn and Steven Merlin
1994 Carnival in Rio, Nicole Haydorn and Steven Merlin
1994 Carnival in New Orleans, Nicole Haydorn and Steven Merlin
1994 April in Paris, Joann and Richard Huff
1994 Fine Things, Tracy and Jason Meyer
1994 Wild Orchids, Helaine and Fredrick Stiftel
1993 I’ll Love You ‘Till the Cows Come Home, Pamela and Michael Berg
1993 Forever Silky, Pamela and Michael Berg
1993 Firecracker Zinnias, Lisa and Tyson Pritchard
1993 Red, Sara and James Beardsley
1993 Canyon Ranch, Michael Manville
1993 Paradise, Dr. Cynthia Stevens
1993 Garden State Bouquet, Judith Stanley
1993 Lilies at Water’s Edge, Nicole Haydorn and Steven Merlin
1993 The Daffodil Dance, Jacqueline Schluter
1993 Pink Tulips, Elizabeth and Richard Anderson
1993 Hollyhocks and Canterberry Bells, Dr. and Mrs. Alan Klein
1993 Country Zinnias, Jane Shreffler
1993 Rosey Roses, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hoheb
1993 Somewhere In Time, Shanti Sen
1993 Brandywine Bouquet, Diane Deraska
1992 Pretty as a Picture, Lauren and Leonard Huttner
1992 Petals, Susan and Donald Syers
1992 The Centerpiece, Sharon and David Portman
1992 Coral Roses, Dr. and Mrs. Annan Swaroop
1992 Family Treasures, Nancy and Milton Hall
1992 Sweet Dreams, Virginia and Leonard Cuozzo
1992 Wedding Flowers with the Bluebird of Happiness, Carol and John Gallagher
1992 The Rainbow Garden, Bonnie Yawger
1992 Roses and Ripe Tomatoes, Mary and James Warshauer
1992 Winston and Clementine, Barbara and Michael Ginesi
1992 Flowers from West Park Avenue, Susan and Robert Winters
1992 Celebration, Dr. and Mrs. Tobias Husserl
1991 Jubilee, Caralyn and Douglas Stevens
1991 The Porcelain Collection, Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Cohen
1990 Ebony and Ashley from Paradise Valley, Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Rosenblum
1990 June, July, and August, Bay and Charles Schaffer
1990 Garden of Roses, Zelda and Bernard Levere
1990 Seashore Hydrangeas, Carol and Frank Monteforte
1990 Colors in Bloom, Kary and Daniel Grimes
1990 A Portrait of Harry, Roseanne and Harry Abrahamsen
1990 A Portrait of Gina, Juanita Lovett
1990 A Portrait of Pamela, Michael Berg
1990 Romance, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Warshauer
1990 Metropolitan Arrangement, Sandra and Sidney Kuchin
1989 Winter, Stanis and Walter Mihm
1989 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Rita and Mark Abrams
1989 These are the Colors I Dream In, Ellen Hufnagel
1989 Flowers of Distinction from Lexington Avenue, Janet and Peter Costanzo
1989 My Roses, Janet and Peter Costanzo
1989 Pretty Porcelains, Florence and Lloyd Pesco
1989 Dancing Magnolias, Louise and James Temerty
1989 The Flowerbox, Susan and Gilbert Levine
1989 Summertime on Ocean Avenue, Janice and Arnold Borinsky
1989 A Portrait of Jan Warshauer, Dr. Lewis Warshauer
1989 A Portrait of Elvira Michals, George Michals
1989 Tropics Galore, Janice and Frank Pescatore
1988 My Grandmother’s Garden, Nadia Molinko
1988 Pansies from Sunset Farms, Barbara and Michael Ginesi
1988 Lilies at River’s Edge, Stanis and Walter Mihm
1988 The Flower Market in Chelsea, Dr. and Mrs. Gary Gross
1988 Down at the Boardwalk, Dorothy and Steven Secol
1988 Tulips with Love, Renate and Rolf VonFintel
1988 There’s Nothing like Romance, Valerie and Tom Defalice
1988 Puttin’ On the Ritz, Sheila and Alvin Kasson
1988 The Good Life, Donald Kilgour
1988 A Portrait of Charlie of Bunker Hill, Karen and Mark Cangiano
1987 A Portrait of Reggie and Fletcher, Jane and William Marriott
1987 The Garden in Springtime, May and Earl Weidner
1987 Southwestern Spring, Maureen and Angelo Pisani
1987 Introducing Spring, Linda Belfer
1987 Beautiful Blossoms, Dr. Alan Fried
1987 Eden, Harold Kay
1987 Elegance, Robert Congdon
1987 Movie Star Tulips, Maxine and Jack Leiner


2003 Gulls I, Orthopedic Associates Surgical Center, Toms River, NJ
2003 Gulls II, Orthopedic Associates Surgical Center, Toms River, NJ
2003 The Swan, Orthopedic Associates Surgical Center, Toms River, NJ
2003 Jersey Lilies, Orthopedic Associates Surgical Center, Toms River, NJ
2000 Amethyst, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX
2000 Roses and Heavenly Hydrangeas, Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, NJ
2000 San Antonio Rose (Pink), St. Luke’s Baptist Women’s Hospital, San Antonio, TX
2000 San Antonio Rose (Bud), St. Luke’s Baptist Women’s Hospital, San Antonio, TX
2000 San Antonio Rose (Pale), St. Luke’s Baptist Women’s Hospital, San Antonio, TX
2000 San Antonio Rose (Red), St. Luke’s Baptist Women’s Hospital, San Antonio, TX
2000 Life is Beautiful, St. Luke’s Baptist Women’s Hospital, San Antonio, TX
2000 Black Swans, St. Luke’s Baptist Women’s Hospital, San Antonio, TX
1994 Forever and Ever, Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, NJ
1992 Children are Miraculous, The Rainbow Foundation
1991 Season’s Symphony, Sonata Bay Club, Point Pleasant, NJ
1990 A Day at the Hunt, Monmouth County Hunt Race Meet, Rumson, NJ
1986 Golden Lady, Statue of Liberty Foundation, NYC
1985 Celebration, Harry’s Restaurant, Sea Bright, NJ
1982 Bandelier Cactus, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
1979 A Portrait of Liberace, Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
1978 Poppy Passion, Nettle Creek Industries, NYC


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        Eyestone’s Dreamy Artwork Brings Florals to Life,” p. 10, Carrie Gibson
2006 Art in America, August, Sourcebook to the United States Art World, “Museums, 
        Galleries, American Artists,” Sara Eyestone, p. 134.
2006 Country Lifestyle Magazine, July/August, The Texas Artist: Sara Eyestone, “Full
        Volume Color,” p. 41, 44,45, Patti Jones Morgan
2005 The Monitor, September 8, Kaleidoscope, “Eyestone: Stories, Paintings at
        Fuller Lodge,” Special to The Monitor
2004 San Antonio’s Good News Journal, July, Art and Culture, “Sara Eyestone:
        A Nationally Commissioned Artist in San Antonio,” Michael Rose
2003 San Antonio Woman Magazine (Feature), November/December, “Artist’s Haven
        on the River Walk,” Kay McKay Meyers
2003 San Antonio Express News, April 25, p.3, “Don’t Worry, Ladies: Fiesta Won’t Become
        Sinful Mardi Gras,” Rick Casey
2003 San Antonio Express News, April 23, Front Page, “NIOSA is Here, but Poster Isn’t, Artist
        Says Her Work Rejected Because of Mexican Dolls’ Link to Prostitution, Event Poster
        Rejected at Last Minute”, Rachael Patton
2003 Cow Parade San Antonio, Sara Eyestone’s “Gramoosita Rosita,” p.38, Back Cover,
        Orange Frazer Press
2002 San Antonio Business Journal (Cover Story), January 25-31, “Artist has a Midas Touch,”
        Tamarind Phinisee
2000 Asbury Park Press, November 10, Stepping Out, “Eyestone’s in Town,” Margurite
2000 Asbury Park Press, April 27, “Roses and Hydrangeas for the Doctor. Artist’s Creation
        Honors Memory of Beloved Obstetrician,” Karen Delancey
2000 North San Antonio Times (Feature), April 13, The Arts, “River Walk Denizen Eyestone
        has Heart for Art, Buzz for Business,” Robert Goetz, Editor
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        Botanica,” Stacie Orsagh
1999 Asbury Park Press (Feature), March 13, Saturday People, Women’s History Month,
        “Jersey’s Own: A Look at Just a Few Who Have Made Us Proud”
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1997 North San Antonio Times, December 18, “Artist Leaves Jersey Shore for San Antonio
        River Banks,” Robert Goetz
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        “A Transplant in Bloom,” Jasmina Wellingoff
1997 The Monitor, June 26, Lifestyles, “Famous Artist Returns to Her Roots,” Karen Nilsson
1996 Shore Arts, November, “Noted Artist Plans to Head West,” Sandy Cuoto
1996 Asbury Park Press, October 23, Community Profile, “Artist says Good-Bye to New
        Jersey,” Eric Gonzalez
1996 Ocean View (Cover Story), July 5-12, “The Creative Life. It May be Difficult to Catch Up
        with Sara Eyestone, but the Encounter is Well Worth the Effort,” Sandy Couto
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        Benefit. Top lot was Sara Eyestone’s oil on canvas, Amazing Grace”
1992 American Artist Magazine, October, Success Stories, “Making a Profit from
        Reproductions,” Barbara Curry Walsh
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        Jane Burgess
1991 New York Times, February, “A Romantic approach to Life and Art,” Arlene J. Newman
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        Art,” Jane Burgess
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        Official Liberty Plate”
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        Princeton Packet, no date, Art Review, “Sara Eyestone’s New Jersey Paintings at the
        State Museum are Warm, Touching, Inviting,” Susan Doan-Johnson
1986 New Jersey State Museum Newsletter, May/June, “Eyestone’s American Gardens on
1986 The Ashville Citizen, May 22, Lifestyle, “People are Fascinated by Liberty Artist,” Carole
1986 The Knoxville News-Sentinel, April 22, “Artist Transfers Liberty’s Light to Commemorative
        China and Porcelain,” Barbara Aston-Wash
1986 The Star Ledger, April 4, “Art Expo ’86 Will Open NY Jacob Javitz Center. Sara Eyestone
        Will Participate,” Eileen Watkins
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        Just Released”
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        Southwest,” Anita Levine
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        Demonstration by Sara Eyestone”
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        Across United States,” Iris Rozencwajg
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2006 San Antonio Assistance League selects Sara Eyestone as 2007 Featured Artist. 
        Sara Eyestone creates fundraising poster “Divine Fuchsia”
2005 Sara Eyestone Print Show Benefits Children’s Advocacy Center, The San Antonio Art
        Museum, San Antonio, TX
2004 Eyestone’s Proposal Accepted for Annual Teen Artists Public Museum Shows,
        San Antonio’s Battle of Flowers Community Charity, San Antonio, TX
2003 Sara Eyestone’s Creates Cow Parade’s only Elder: “Gramoosita Rosita”,
        American Cancer Society, San Antonio,
2000 San Antonio Botanical Gardens Centennial Poster, San Antonio, TX
2000 Commissioned Artist and First Medical School Speaker from the Arts, University of
        Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas
1999 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation National Poster, Dallas, TX
1998 Spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of America, NYC
1996 Sara Eyestone begins series of paintings of The Governor’s Mansion Gardens at
        Governor Christie Whitman’s invitation, Trenton, NJ
1995 Sara Eyestone creates portrait of her Governor Christie Whitman, slated for National
        Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
1995 Sara Eyestone Creates Gift Cards for Life, the American Cancer Society, NYC
1992 Rainbow Foundation Spokesperson and Poster Artist, Long Branch, NJ
1987 Sara Eyestone: New Jersey’s Woman of Achievement in the Arts, New Jersey General
        Assembly Proclamation
1987 Citation for Outstanding Community Service, New Jersey Senate
1986 Sara Eyestone draws her Senator, Bill Bradley, D-NJ, gift from the Senator to
        National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
1986 Sara Eyestone begins series of ten small oil paintings from her drawings made in The
        Rose Garden at the White House, Washington, DC
1986 Sara Eyestone creates Official Statue of Liberty Commemorative Plate, The Statue of
        Liberty Foundation, NYC
1976 Sara Eyestone’s Art for Children begins decades of children’s public art collections
        displayed in public spaces throughout New Jersey communities


The Southwest School for Art and Craft, The March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation National Conference, Eastern States Centennial Anniversary Garden Club Symposium, The Assistance League, The American Cancer Society, Monmouth Medical Center, Baptist Health Centers, The Chrysanthemum Ball, The Red Cross International Ball, The Garden State Arts Center, Viva Botanica!, The Opera Guild of San Antonio, The Pacific Opera Company, The Junior League Winter Ball, The University of Texas Health Science Center, Hospice, The National Kidney Foundation, The Gardenia Musical Club, The Children’s Advocacy Center


"I was born artistic, and I live my life from a creative point of view."


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