My gorgeous life is reflected in the colors of my paintings.  At eighty years old, besides writing my memoir and planning one last collection of my art on Caspari Notecards, I will continue to paint on commission for Private Collectors.  That’s how I paint now. Let me know if you are interested. 

Studio Prices:
24 x 36 inches $10,000 
36 x 48 inches $12,000 
48 x 60 inches $15,000
My Studio Prices are available in other sizes as well. 

Examples of my originals from private collections are featured on this simplified website, followed by an extended biography.  Future announcements will be added, as well as excerpts from my book that is underway.   

My Sara Eyestone Art Posters and Signed Prints are no longer for sale; I save what is left for Gifts and Charities.  When my new Caspari Cards are available in museums and fine shops throughout the United States and Europe, I will announce it here. 

Most of my oil paintings below were commissioned by private collectors. None are available for sale, but they all give you an idea of what I love doing best… SE